The 7 Reasons You Need an IT Roadmap

Maybe this IT scenario sounds familiar: When something breaks, you fix it. When you need software, you buy the license. IT becomes a shoot-from-the-hip part of your business becoming a source of unpredictability in your budget.

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Many companies operate their IT this way. Unfortunately, this can get messy fast. You might find that your budget is suddenly insufficient or you experience an avoidable security breech.

In today’s business world, technology is at the heart of everything you do. An IT roadmap helps you precisely understand the current state of your business, clarify where you want to go and define exactly how you’re going to get there – efficiently and affordably. 

Here are 7 reasons your company needs an IT roadmap:

  1. Increase your “uptime.” If you want your technology to work, your first step should be an IT plan that addresses product life cycles and the issues that create downtime for your organization.
  2. Employees are more productive. If you add up the number of hours per year employees were unable to work because of downtime and then multiply it by your average hourly rate, you’ll see how costly lost productivity is for your company.
  3. Hone business processes. An IT plan allows you to closely examine business processes and identify technology that can enhance these processes. This might be as simple as moving email to the cloud or adopting the right software for your organization’s needs.
  4. A competitive edge. What would give you an edge over the competition or more market share? As you think about these questions, notice how many of the answers you come up with that are related to technology.
  5. Lower overall cost of IT. Even if you pay a higher monthly rate, by planning your IT roadmap, you’ll spend more effectively and lower your overall long-term IT costs. How? Because you’ll spend your IT dollars correctly the first time and avoid unexpected expenses or loss.
  6. Secure your business. There are a number of threats that strike businesses of all sizes, and they can range from the loss of data-laden mobile devices to ransomware attacks. Security issues can be planned for and protected against with a good IT roadmap in place.
  7. Solve strategic issues. Several of our clients unexpectedly solved problems by creating their IT roadmap. Take, for example, the publishing firm that improved collaboration between writers and editors. If you have strategic issues, start by asking how technology can help.

When you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.  Unless you want to get stuck on the back roads of business waiting at every cow, sheep and duck crossing, you need a destination and a map that shows you the most advantageous route.

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