In our last blog, we talked a little bit about cloud backup and disaster recovery and how it can help businesses safeguard their most valuable information and data. Our PointCare Ultimate Backup (PUB) service Connecting Pointdelivers unparalleled data protection, as well as business continuity. We mentioned that, in addition to the added security, there were other benefits to be had from utilizing cloud backup and disaster recovery services, but what are these extra benefits? Here are a few key benefits companies can gain from our PUB service:

Added Protection
Okay, we know that we have already mentioned this a time or two, however, since it has emerged, there has been a lot of concern and speculation surrounding the security of storing information in the cloud. We want to assure you that storing your information in the cloud is perfectly safe and it even adds an extra level of security you can’t get from simply storing your data onsite. With industry leading security practices, cloud-based data is extremely secure.

Cost Effective
Cloud backup and disaster recovery are extremely cost effective, especially for smaller companies. There is no capital expense involved and monthly subscription pricing is predictable, as well as affordable. So, business owners can allocate extra funds and resources to supporting and growing their small businesses.

Easy to Use
Complicated network systems require a significant amount of maintenance and understanding. However, cloud backup and disaster recovery services have easy-to-use web-based management, as well as user interfaces. So, operating the system should be fairly easy and it requires minimal maintenance.

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