With all the buzz about cloud this and virtual reality that, it can be difficult for companies to understand what their chief priorities should be for technology. Given the developments that have happened in the last couple of years, there are certainly a lot of options. If you just follow trend talk blindly, you don’t […]

Q & A with VP of Sales, Scott Warner Scott Warner, Connecting Point VP of Sales At Connecting Point, one of our core values is to serve others. We do that through understanding what different organizations and businesses within our community need and making sure they get that from us. We know a lot of […]

For decades, United Way of Weld County has played a vital role in our community, bringing together community organizations and running programs year-round to support our neighbors, friends, or family dealing with any number of challenging situations. The work United Way of Weld County performs is indisputably essential for the well-being of the most vulnerable […]

The Top Tools We Use for Security

The Top Tools We Use for Security and Why We Use Them A Q&A with Connecting Point’s Director of Managed Services Jesse Rosales The IT security market is saturated with tools to protect against ongoing threats like ransomware and data loss. It’s a lot to sift through, and when companies try to choose their own […]

5 IT Elements to Check to Make Sure You’re Protected It’s all over the news – ransomware, hacks, threats… but how is your provider protecting you? When we conduct site surveys for non-clients, we often find that companies don’t know. Not all providers are engaged in best practices, and not all IT services even include […]