Connecting Point IT Management

Wouldn’t it be great if you had the IT provider you need… one that delivers on their promise; giving you dedicated customer service, responsiveness, and top-notch service delivery – all while knowing that your IT provider really cares about you?

If you’re feeling frustrated with your IT provider, or missing any of the elements listed above, it’s time to consider making a switch. IT partners don’t come cheap, and you deserve to be getting true value for what you’re investing.

Here is a checklist of 8 essential actions that a responsive IT provider always takes:

  1. Keep enough staff on hand at all times to respond to your specific needs
  2. Provide a dedicated engineer, who has back-up support and is dialed into your account
  3. Have an IT management process that is clear and concise
  4. Maintain detailed and robust documentation of your account
  5. Have a rock-solid helpdesk
  6. Have an excellent service automation package to track every aspect of your IT functionality
  7. Don’t ever let your help tickets slip into the abyss
  8. Perform regular, quarterly updates with you to keep you informed

At Connecting Point, our average resolution time is 35 minutes for all tickets.

The right IT partner will also provide peace of mind by offering:

  1. Service delivery that doesn’t make you feel like just another number
    Customer service should be a consistent, seamless, and pleasant experience. Speaking to the same representative instead of a different person each time saves you the hassle of jumping through hoops to explain your problem time and time again.A strong IT partner will view themselves as part of YOUR team, meeting with you regularly to assess current needs and address any issues.
  1. High resource productivity and confidence in your IT solution
    The right solution means that you can stay focused on your business, and you aren’t constantly worrying about something breaking.
  1. Minimal business risk by having the right technology
    Rather than limping along and calling your current provider every other week to fix issues, or having a catastrophic event put your business in danger, having the right solution in place will keep your IT department running seamlessly.

At Connecting Point, we offer the expertise and ongoing leadership of your core IT components. With the right solution, top-notch customer care, and impeccable service delivery, you’ll save money, improve productivity, and have spare time to spend on your core business.


At Connecting Point, our average resolution time is 35 minutes for all tickets. For more information on how Connecting Point can revolutionize your IT experience, contact us at or contact Scott Warner at 970-395-2317.