For decades, United Way of Weld County has played a vital role in our community, bringing together community organizations and running programs year-round to support our neighbors, friends, or family dealing with any number of challenging situations.

The work United Way of Weld County performs is indisputably essential for the well-being of the most vulnerable people in Weld County.

United Way provides direct services to families, banding together with key organizations like the food bank, fundraising for programs, and connecting members of the Greeley community with the services they desperately need. United Way is taking care of our families, children, the disabled, veterans and others through outreach programs, support services, education, coordination and fundraising.

Connecting Point is beyond proud to have the honor to support them every step of the way.

As United Way of Weld County President and CEO, Jeannine Truswell, shared,

Connecting Point has been a loyal and treasured partner with United Way of Weld County. Their corporate and employee generosity enables us to impact the lives of children, youth and families. Their support as Cornerstone Partners helps us maximize contributions and resources. Together, we fight for the education, financial stability and health of everyone in our community.”

How our partnership works:

  • As United Way of Weld County’s Managed IT Services provider, we ensure they have predictable, reliable technology to serve their clients.
  • By managing their network, they can offer more services rapidly to the community.
  • With our security suite, United Way protects their clients’ privacy and confidentiality and operates safe from malware intrusions.
  • We offer them the support they need to keep their technology working, so they have technology that allows them to care for this community.

We do more than power their mission. We support it throughout our organization.

As a Cornerstone Partner, we donate funds directly to cover internal overhead and administrative costs, so the dollars United Way raises in the community goes directly to their programs to improve the education of our children, provide families with more access to healthcare and medications, and connect people with affordable housing options. Connecting Point CEO and founder, Ted Warner served for seven years as a board member and has also served as board treasurer and an executive committee member at the United Way of Weld County, helping to direct the organization’s impact on our community.

Every year, Connecting Point’s team members and their families step up to be Navigators supporting “Weld Project Connect.” This fantastic event is hosted by the United Way of Weld County at Island Grove Regional Park here in Greeley, and provides for the most widespread dire needs of the community, whether that’s mental health care, dental care, resources for education, or providing food, shelter and clothing.

At Connecting Point, our mission is all about serving people.

When we can support an organization like United Way of Weld County, it makes our work truly meaningful. We know that when we excel in what we do, we allow them to do their job well and that ensures people in our community can more readily access the resources they need to take care of their family. That’s what it’s all about.

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