For any business it’d be a disaster to lose all of your files. Connecting Point is here to tell you to take a minute, take a breath, and relax as we quickly recover any files you’ve lost. It should go without saying that having a data recovery plan is a necessity for any business. Hopefully, your business never needs to recover lost files because of a disaster, but here are a few things for you to take into consideration when creating your cloud disaster recovery plan. Cloud Disaster Recovery

Cloud Disaster Recovery

If you are a business that provides a type of online service, deciding whether or not you need a second data center is a good place to start. This allows for a continuation of service even when a disaster occurs. When data is lost or compromised, your second data center should still be able to do their best to ensure continuity of your business. If you don’t decide to look into a second data source or create a plan for if a disaster ever occurs, there is a chance that your files may never be recovered.

Connecting Point has been providing cloud-based backup and disaster recovery options to businesses in the Loveland area in order to ensure safety of their precious documents. We test the recoverability of our client’s data from our Network Operation Center, ensuring that there are no surprises when a disaster or glitch occurs.

If your business utilizes the cloud for secure file storage and sharing, make sure that you have implemented some type of backup or data recovery plan. Work with Connecting Point to ensure the safety of your files!