We get it – when an IT director hear’s the words, “IT consulting” in Greeley, their first thoughts may not necessarily be happy or positive. Instead, many IT directors may become fearful or defensive, critical of IT consultants who may or may not be out to take their job. This is an unfortunate misconception that we deal as Greeley IT consultants deal with on a weekly basis. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a few other misconceptions about our industry so that we can finally set the record straight.

  1. IT consultants only show up to replace the IT Director. This is one of the greatest misconceptions – that we show up to replace an internal role within the company. This simply isn’t true as many IT consultants like the ones here at Connecting Point work with the IT Director to understand present issues and needs of the business while implementing a solution that will make their lives easier while at work.
  2. IT consultants won’t work with the internal IT staff. False! Again, we work with the internal staff rather than around them! This helps us better understand the initial technical structure of the business as well as help provide support.
  3. IT consultants are only trying to sell something. While there are IT consultants out there who will only sell the specific options or services that bring the most money back to them, these consultants give the rest of us a bad name and create misconceptions like these. One bad apple, right? In reality, many Greeley IT consulting firms will take their time to understand your business’ needs and limitations before ever suggesting any kind of customized solution.