In one of our most recent blogs, we discussed the benefits of cloud computing for your Connecting Pointbusiness. At Connecting Point, as part of our cloud computing services, we offer Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS). DaaS essentially offers clients remote hosted virtual desktops. As puts it, DaaS, “[uses] a remote server to host personal computer desktops simultaneously.” All of these personal computers have the ability to access data, as well as other applications through the cloud service provider. In fact, there are several other benefits to be had from DaaS.

Cost Effective
Switching to DaaS is extremely cost effective for businesses. DaaS can actually cost up two times less than a traditional PC. This is because of a couple of different reasons. If your business is using DaaS, there is no local hard drive in your employees’ personal computers. This contributes to the decreased cost, however, DaaS also increases the life of personal computers and reduces the power consumption.

One of the major problems with personal business computers is that they can be hacked, infected with a virus, and even lost or stolen. As we mentioned before, with DaaS individual computers do not have a local hard drive. Therefore, if there is no sensitive information on these local hard drives, there is nothing at risk of being stolen. Utilizing DaaS offers businesses more security.

One of the biggest benefits of switching to DaaS is the flexibility it offers businesses. It allows employees to access their personal desktops from anywhere and any device, at any time. If employees want or need to do some work from home, they have complete access to their personal desktop at anytime and can pick up right where they left off on that big project.

If you have any questions regarding DaaS, please do not hesitate to contact our IT consulting team in Greeley. We are happy to answer any questions and can help you find the right IT solutions for your business.