You might be surprised to realize that technology is a big part of your company culture. It impacts your employee’s ability to work efficiently and get the job done.  If your technology is not helping your employees do their job, then it could be hurting morale.

Your team likely wants to feel like they’re working for a company that is forward-thinking, competitive amongst other companies in your industry and has a mind for strategic planning. When you lean forward with technology, it attracts top talent, motivated employees and people who are more passionate about their jobs. Here’s why:

  1. Workplace pride

Employees love to have pride in where they work. With up-to-date technology tools, current software and solid hardware, they feel like they work for a successful company that can equip them with the tools to their job. They feel good about where they work and they are happy to stay on your team.

  1. They want room to excel

Older technology could make your staff’s job more difficult. If networks are going out or software is crashing, it’s hard to complete tasks, let alone to innovate and excel at their jobs. When you give employees tools that operate efficiently, your employees can accomplish their tasks more quickly and have the time, tools and energy to think creatively beyond the scope of putting out fires.

  1. The experience they expect

Your team experiences technology on a daily basis, everywhere they go. From the coffee shop down the street using technology to process orders faster to their car mechanic quickly diagnosing the strange noise under their hood. They anticipate that their work environment is a place where they can also go and see technology being leveraged to create positive experiences for themselves and your customers. By creating this kind of work environment, you raise your esteem in their eyes and they’ll be more satisfied with the job.

  1. Career opportunities

When your company is using sophisticated business analytics to refine logistics, or leveraging the cloud in unique ways to store data securely, you’re helping your employee’s career by offering learning opportunities. And they recognize that. When the technology you use is on-par with or more advanced than others in your industry, you’re offering your employee an opportunity to advance their career. They recognize this and will be more likely to stick around if they’re career savvy.

  1. Workplace benefits

The workforce of today expects a level of mobility. The ability to work from home when their kids are sick or take their laptop and work from the airport the next time they’re heading to a conference.  With the right technology you can build a reliable remote workforce that’s connected and collaborative. Extra bonuses to having remote work capabilities? You get a much bigger pool of candidates when you hire and when staff moves to the other side of the country, you could potentially keep them onboard. At any rate, the flexibility to work from anywhere is expected today. To attract and retain top candidates, you want to be one of the employers that can offer it.

Technology is more important than ever to the workplace and the employees who are in it. When you invest in the tools that allow your employees to be successful, flexible and grow their career, they’re much more likely to stick around and benefit your business over the long run.

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