Here at Connecting Point, we strive to not only resolve service requests in an efficient, customer satisfaction focused manner, but also to reduce overall service requests from our clients. The goal is really to stabilize, standardize, and optimize our client’s networks so that their employees can do their jobs efficiently and not have to take time out of their busy day to deal with technology issues. One of the most common requests for service in the IT support world is that a user’s workstation is slow or is having hardware problems. While this request is fairly common, it is also one of the most challenging issues to troubleshoot due to the amount of variables associated with how a user uses their workstation and what kind of workstation it is (brand, age, specs, etc.).

Implementing A Workstation Replacement Cycle To Increase Productivity

One of the best ways our clients can increase the productivity of their employees, is to have an effective workstation replacement plan that keeps up to date with the ever increasing need for more PC horsepower. Ensuring that the PCs that are relied on for daily use have an up to date warranty package and are spec’d out appropriately for performance, is critical in reducing employee frustration and increasing employee productivity and satisfaction. At Connecting Point, we focus on assisting our clients get the most out of their technology while keeping it up to date with today’s performance needs.

Utilizing our HaaS (Hardware as a Service) business solution is a great option for the majority of our clients. Our Business Consultants and Network Admins can help our clients build a cost effective workstation replacement plan that will allow our clients to keep their computers up to date on hardware and software needs, while keeping their IT budget where it needs to be. HaaS greatly reduces the upfront cost associated with replacing a PC, allows our clients to get the equipment they need when they need it, and it is easy to upgrade the equipment after the 36 month rental period is over. HaaS can easily be rolled into any client’s technology roadmap and it can be used on as many PCs or other technology devices as needed. Our Business Consultants are well versed in our HaaS plan as well as other financing options available at Connecting Point. If you want to discuss your workstation replacement plan and its effectiveness, please contact your Connecting Point Business Consultant.