From Connecting Point's Blog: Keeping Your Online Business Information Safe by

When you run an online business, the safety of your businesses information is most likely one of your top concerns, and how could it not be. Our IT experts at Connecting Point understand this concern, which is why we provide top quality protection in our IT managed services. Here are a few tips for you when it comes to protecting your online businesses online information.

Keeping Your Online Business Information Safe


Using encryption to protect your customer’s financial information protects theft from happening during transactions. Most online businesses are required to do so in order to take Visa or MasterCard anyhow. Encryption not only protects your customers information, but is also extremely beneficial for protecting internal information such as personnel files and and product information.

Update Your System

Updating your computer’s operating system often is easy when you sign up for automatic security updates. Looking into anti-virus softwares also makes it easy, this feature also has automatic updates. Keeping your system updated with the most up-to-date spyware also blocks spam and keeps outsiders from installing anything on your sensitive information.

Limit Access

If information doesn’t need to be known, make sure that it’s difficult to get to. This is another place where encryption becomes a possibility for security. While a login is definitely providing some type of extra security, it’s a good idea to think about securing your most valuable data with more than just a password.

Protecting your information is difficult, and that’s why Connecting Point is here; to help. We know how to protect your business and manage any information-technology problems that come your way!