As many of you may have seen by now, Microsoft recently released their next new version of their Office application suite, Office 2016. This is the first new version of Office that we are seeing signs of Microsoft’s new cloud first strategy; this version of Office released to Office 365 almost a week before you could buy the retail/volume license version, and they made it the default version of Office that gets installed from Office 365. In fact, it’s a little difficult to install the old Office 2013 version from Office 365.

Microsoft SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)

Right now, we aren’t recommending that everyone go out and immediately switch to Office 2016. As we advised with Windows 10, we want to make sure the software is stable before everyone adopts it. This version of Office isn’t as major a change as previous versions, so we don’t expect many problems. It will probably be less than a couple weeks before we feel comfortable having people upgrade. Because of the extra difficulties in getting the old version of Office with Office 365, some new PC deployments may start getting the new Office 2016 version right now. We’ll be including some extra attention and consulting to make sure that any existing integrations with Office apps continue to work properly.

In the future, as we’ve seen with Windows 10, Microsoft will be shifting much more toward this new Software as a Service model. After we’ve had a chance to adjust to this new model, they’ll probably even turn on the full auto-update. You’d come in one morning and Microsoft will have upgraded your Office to the next new version for you automatically overnight.

With this sort of constantly evolving software environment, our Hardware as a Service and Leasing programs will allow you to ensure your physical PC hardware can keep up with the demands that the newest software makes of it.

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