In our last blog, we began to tackle some of the most common misconceptions surrounding Greeley IT consulting. Connecting Point is a professional IT support company specializing in managed IT and cloud services, network integration, voice and product procurement. Our overall goal is to enhance the technology investments of our clients while helping them align technology with their business initiatives. Today we’re going to tackle two more major misconceptions surrounding Greeley IT consulting and set the record straight for those of us in our industry.

  1. Greeley IT consultants are only going to continue to sell new systems and services. Many small businesses believe that IT consulting firms specifically target businesses so that they can provide ongoing services that drain IT budgets. In reality, many IT consultants are really just there to review processes and show their worth through our consistent and expert advice which allows your business to run properly, as well as independently of the IT consultant in the future. Of course, IT consultants would always like to repeat businesses with their clients, but only on their terms and only when new services, systems, or solutions are needed!
  2. IT consultants in Greeley are extremely expensive. While the term consultant does usually bring to mind business men with suits who get paid to tell other people what to do, this is simply not true for our Greeley IT consulting firm. In fact, it couldn’t be further from the truth. We will be the first to come out to your business so that we can understand your systems and needs and then we’ll give you options that meet your company’s financial and technological requirements.