Information Technology Greeley

Since we began our company in 1985, Connecting Point has quickly grown to become the leader in Information Technology Services and IT consulting in Greeley, as well as Northern Colorado; along the Front Range and in Wyoming. Decades in IT consulting and support industry serving companies and non-profits with Information Technology services that help them achieve goals.

Managing your own IT network for your small business can be very challenging. This in-house management utilizes the vast majority of your business resources and is extremely costly. Connecting Point has everything you need to help you meet your business objectives for an affordable price. Whether through our managed IT services program, our cloud computing solutions, or IT project delivery, our experienced team is dedicated to helping our clients make their company networks much more efficient, as well as secure. We provide you with both on-site and remote services to help ensure quick and comprehensive problem resolution. With our fully staffed Help Desk and Network Operations Center, users can get IT support and network management services that are specific to their needs.

Information Technology Greeley, as well as all of Northern Colorado

Here at Connecting Point, we believe in continual education for our team to keep up their knowledge in an ever-changing industry. We invest in strategic partners, processes, as well as the latest tools and technology in the Information Technology industry. We work with many leading vendors, including Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft, so our clients can be sure that they’re getting the most comprehensive services, as well as the best products. We also offer our clients a variety of best-in-class managed services, known as PointCare, that have been specifically designed to help improve the efficiency, security, and availability of their network systems.

What Are the Benefits of Working With Connecting Point Instead of Other IT Companies?

Our company’s support model is made up of 5 key areas:

  1. Proactive Technology Management
  2. Network Administration
  3. Technology Consulting
  4. Reactive Support Services
  5. Professional Services.

These combine to address infrastructure that supports your network, as well as the various levels of support, implementation and alignment with industry best practices and strategic business consulting.

Highlights of our program:

  • Alignment with industry best practices to enable consistent and reliable client experience
  • Business consulting, including a written technology road map, in alignment with your business planning and initiatives
  • Analysis and recommendations on cloud, premise or hybrid computing solutions with cost and benefit analysis
  • Resource rich support – for both remote and onsite — including Help Desk, Network Administration and consistent business consulting
  • Best-in-class security, data protection and network management tools for improved productivity and business consistency
  • Process-driven support systems to deliver consistent and reliable results that drive company productivity

Your business needs a solid, technological foundation that’ll align efficiently with your business plan and business initiatives. To this on your own is quite complex, difficult and costly. Contact Connecting Point today to learn more about why we’re a different kind of IT provider, and why our outcomes truly help businesses thrive, grow and successfully meet their objectives.