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Cloud Computing Services Customized for your Colorado Business

Cloud Services from Connecting Point’s cloud computing experts can help you keep up with the ever-changing technology trends. Is the Cloud right for my business? How can my business benefit from utilizing cloud services? What is the financial and operational impact of moving some or all of my IT functions to the Cloud? Most Colorado business owners are wisely asking these or similar questions about IT cloud services and that’s why we’ve written this Cloud Services Overview.

Connecting Point has been utilizing and implementing cloud migration and cloud managed service for years. Our team of IT consulting professionals will help our clients assess the benefits of cloud computing for their particular business environment. Our process is to analyze client business applications, client business processes, look at bandwidth capacity and help to educate clients on the new style of IT that the Cloud offers.

By moving some or all of your IT operations and infrastructure to cloud managed services, your company can benefit from a much more operational expense model (as opposed to a capital expense model). Additionally, you can get out of the continual refresh and upgrade cycle that has been difficult for many businesses to plan for and implement.

Let our professionals consult and recommend options tailored to your business from our full suite of IT cloud services.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS):

For decades most businesses relied on an in-house server, or group of servers, serving as the central processing power of the company local or wide area network. While these networks worked well, they required continual support as well as continual care and feeding from a refresh and upgrade standpoint.  Today, Connecting Point’s Professional Services Team will consult with you to design infrastructure in the cloud that will operate seamlessly and provide you better resiliency and redundancy.  Additionally, clients can easily add or reduce processing power, data storage, memory and bandwidth.  Infrastructure as a Service simply means having the flexibility and agility to harness data center infrastructure and use utilize it as your own.  Free yourself from the cycle of designing and refreshing premise based infrastructure.  Let us design a powerful and flexible Cloud based infrastructure for your business.

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Microsoft Office 365

Connecting Point is an authorized Microsoft Office 365 provider.  Our team is trained and certified on the various flavors of Microsoft’s Office 365 offering.  We will consult with your company to tailor the right Office 365 solution for your needs.  Additionally, our team has installed and converted hundreds of users from on premise solutions to Office 365. Click the link below to learn more about Office 365.

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Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS):

Connecting Point’s PointCare Cloud Workspace is a desktop-as-as service software platform that allows our clients to deploy complete workspaces in the cloud, delivering Windows desktops, business and productivity applications, and a complete back-office system to users anywhere, anytime, on any device, and provisioned and managed with the same ease and flexibility.  PointCare Cloud Workspace frees users from the day to day management of their systems, and allows users to be more efficient with their desktop resources.  Remote access to data and applications is a breeze.  Our Professional Service Team will consult with you to design your Cloud Workspace in the most efficient manner.

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PointCare Cloud Sync

PointCare Cloud Sync allows users to access and sync their data from anywhere and from any device.  It is ideal for remote users wanting easy access to their files while on the road or working remotely from the home office.  Our Cloud Sync offering also allows companies to eliminate their premise based file servers and data storage systems while securely accessing their applications and data in the cloud.  All data is encrypted and secure in the cloud and in transit.

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Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

Connecting Point has been a pioneer in providing our clients cloud based backup and disaster recovery options for their valuable data. Today, clients benefit from our backup service that delivers unparalleled data protection, IT security, and business continuity. This managed cloud service combines our powerful imaged based, bare metal backup software with a powerful on-site appliance that provides both local and off-site data protection.  Companies that lose data or even entire servers can be restored and back online with lightning speed.  Let Connecting Point design a secure, redundant backup strategy and IT security plan for your company.

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Hardware as a Service (HaaS):

Connecting Point offers hardware as a service (HaaS) as an alternative financing model for businesses looking to cut down on large capital expenditures. As your company looks at moving to the Cloud or simply implementing new technology, Hardware as a Service is a great option. Clients simply “rent” their technology equipment for a three year period of time.  HaaS agreements are simple to setup, and their is zero upfront costs to get started.  The end of period options are very straightforward as well.  Utilizing HaaS is a great way to get the equipment you need for your business today without tying up large amounts of capital.  Ask your Connecting Point Business Consultant if utilizing HaaS is right for your company.

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At Connecting Point, our industry-leading, dedicated cloud services and IT managed services team will make outsourcing IT services the best choice you’ve ever made. Contact Connecting Point’s cloud services team today!