Hardware as a Service

This financial tool is a newer way to finance technology equipment, but really provides clients an easy way to procure the equipment they need and match the financing with the manufacturer’s warranty and the usage period of the equipment. HaaS is truly a rental of the equipment. The client pays a monthly fee for each piece of equipment needed. Haas agreements are even less burdensome than leases on the front end. A client simply pays the monthly fee for 36 months for each piece of equipment they need. It is simple to add to HaaS agreements as each piece of equipment has its own rental schedule. The options at the end of the 36 month rental period are very similar to the options at the end of a lease.

Here are some of the advantages of Hardware as a Service (HaaS):

  • No upfront fees or down payment – just start paying the rental fee on each piece of equipment
  • No credit qualification – if you are a managed client of Connecting Point you are qualified
  • Write off all rental payments as expense – operating expense versus capital expense
  • Add items to your HaaS roster at any time – get the equipment you need when you need it
  • Match your equipment to the manufacturer’s warranty and the designed usage period for the equipment
  • Flexible options at the end of the rental period
    • Return the equipment and rent new up to date equipment or simply walk away from the agreement
    • Purchase the equipment
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