Software and Computer Sales

Our IT Support Company provides IT skills & products to add value to your business

At Connecting Point, our computer sales division has long been recognized Colorado’s place to purchase cutting-edge software and computer technology, including virtualization software (VMWare), cloud computing tools, VoIP and wireless solutions, and any additional IT products that may enhance your tech environment. Whether you’re looking for a single computer or overhauling your whole server environment, the dedicated inside sales team at our IT solutions company has expert command over a broad range of technology products from a large portfolio of providers.

IT Product Sales

Our investments in vendor partnerships and distribution partnerships allow us access to the latest computer and software products, preferred pricing, expert IT consulting directly from our vendors and a wide variety of procurement options. We also have best in class tools to track hardware/software licensing, product renewals and warranty information. We’ll make sure your Colorado business has the right equipment for proper server management, software and hardware requirements, and on-site technology.

Next time you have a need for hardware, software or licensing products, let Connecting Point provide you with a quote.

Hardware as a Service (Haas):

Connecting Point is an IT solutions and managed services company that offers Hardware as a Service (HaaS) as an alternative financing model for businesses looking to cut down on large capital expenditures. As your company looks at moving to the Cloud or simply implementing new technology, HaaS is a great option. Clients simply “rent” their technology equipment for a three year period of time. At the end of the rental period, equipment can be purchased, returned or refreshed. The big benefit of utilizing Hardware as a Service financing is that businesses don’t tie up large sums of capital on depreciating assets. Turn your capital expense to operating expense and gain much more flexibility in your IT spending.

Let the professionals at Connecting Point demonstrate the value of Hardware as a Service for your company.

Software as a Service (SaaS):

The software delivery landscape has changed dramatically over the last few years. Our IT support company offers our clients the opportunity to “rent” their software applications as opposed to purchasing them. Utilizing Software as a Service (SaaS) benefits businesses as they can easily increase or decrease user licensing as well as quickly move to the latest version of the a software application.  Connecting Point is a Microsoft SPLA Partner.  This service allows us to “rent” the latest Microsoft software products to clients.  Paired with Hardware as a Service (HaaS), clients can upgrade both hardware technology and software licensing without large front-end capital outlays.

Let our IT professionals help your company understand the benefits of Microsoft SPLA and other SaaS offerings.

IT Product Lease Options:

Connecting Point partners with a wide variety of both manufacturer and independent leasing companies to provide our clients with alternative financing options. Leasing is an excellent vehicle for businesses to use off the balance sheet financing and eliminate large capital cash outlays. The old saying that you purchase items that appreciate and lease items that depreciate makes sense in the IT world. Whether your company needs one-time lease financing or a “master” lease that can be utilized for ongoing lease transactions, Connecting Point will facilitate the transaction.

At Connecting Point, our comprehensive software and computer sales and IT product experts help you find the exact IT solutions are perfect for your Colorado or Wyoming business. Contact Connecting Point’s software and computer sales team today!