IT Project Management

Connecting Point provides IT project management & IT products to add value to your Colorado business

At Connecting Point, we have built a dedicated IT project management team of professional, certified, experienced IT managed services engineers. Our IT consulting team has built a customer-centric process that allows us to provide expert IT consulting, cloud-based solution development, and IT project planning. These combined elements allow us to deliver successful information technology project management to our clients that are on budget and on time.

When you partner with Connecting Point and engage with our IT Project Team, you will gain access to objective insight, proven strategic planning, custom IT solutions and award winning IT consulting. Our goal is to help you align technology with your business goals and deliver solutions that will give your team a competitive advantage.

Our IT Project Management Team Competencies Include:

Hosted Voice:  Premise Based VoIP Systems or Hosted Voice Systems

Connecting Point has been consulting, designing and implementing Cisco communication and collaboration systems for years.  Our VoIP sales team is expert at understanding the wide variety of options that Cisco VoIP and communication systems offer.  Whether your company needs an entry level phone system or a larger company wide VoIP system with Call Center capability and video capability, the Connecting Point team can assist.  We also consult, design and sell a wide variety of hosted voice solutions.  These VoIP sales solutions are ideal for both smaller clients as well as large distributed companies.

Network Infrastructure

Connecting Point consults with your business to design and implement strategic solutions that are secure, reliable, and compatible with future technologies. Working with best in class partners such as Cisco, Vmware, Microsoft, HP, Dell and many more, we offer integrated products that combine advanced technologies such as servers (both premise based and virtual), storage (sized appropriately for your needs), routing, switching, security, WAN optimization, and a host of other disciplines.  Our team uses network discovery tools to identify areas of strength and improvement in client environments.  From there we design secure, resilient and redundant networks that insure that our clients infrastructure matches with their business goals and objectives.

IT Security & Wireless Solutions

Connecting Point understands that sound IT security practices and compliance are the backbone of any organization. IT security compliance regulations are demanding more of businesses every day and security is no longer a “set it and forget it” task. Consequences for non-compliance across all industries (most notably healthcare (HIPAA) financial (SOX) retail (PCI), education, etc.) are becoming more serious and cause a greater need for tailored security strategies. At Connecting Point, we work with our clients to understand their business practices and implement security best practices to ensure they are compliant with industry specific regulations.  We are proud that we have achieved the CompTIA Security Trustmark+ certification.  The Security Trustmark+ is audited by an third party firm to insure that companies like Connecting Point are meeting stringent disciplines in multiple areas of security.  In the wireless solutions arena, Connecting Point has partnered with companies like Meraki, Cisco and Dell/Sonicwall to provide a wide variety of robust wireless solutions.

Virtualization, Storage & Server Consolidation

As business and technology evolve, there is a greater need to leverage technology in more efficient ways. As an organization grows, the need to protect critical data increases as does the requirement for data storage. Business applications may require dedicated server resources and redundancy becomes more important as downtime becomes more costly. At Connecting Point, we are the experts at understanding the challenges of complex computing needs. By leveraging virtualization technology, and increasing bandwidth resources, we are able to help our clients consolidate their physical server environments, increase redundancy and storage capacities and leverage both premise and cloud-based solutions to meet the needs of their businesses both today and in the future.

Premise & Cloud Based Solutions

Network Audits, Gap and Risk Analysis and Infrastructure Upgrade Recommendations – Local and Wide Area Network Technology Upgrades and Conversions – Virtualization, Storage and Server Consolidation Solutions – Premise-based Systems Integration – Cloud & On-premise Technology Conversions and Integrations – Enterprise Back-up, Storage Implementation – Secure Remote Access Solutions – Infrastructure Convergence with Dedicated Application Development Teams – With our highly-effective approach to IT project delivery, we prevent scope creep and keep budgets in line with budgeted project costs.

Learn how our IT Project Management and IT Consulting teams can help you with your IT project delivery today.

Outsourcing IT services shouldn’t be a hassle. Connecting Point tailors our comprehensive wireless solutions, IT security plans, cloud services, and hosted voice / VoIP plans to meet your unique business needs with our experienced IT project management professionals. Contact our IT project management team today!