Network Security

Comprehensive and Customized IT Security Strategies to Protect Your Business’s Most Sensitive Data

At Connecting Point, our IT consultants and network security teams agree that a sound IT security strategy is the cornerstone of great technology support and IT best practices. With advancing IT security threats and an ever-expanding reliance on technology to do our jobs, every business needs to understand how and why IT network security impacts their people, processes and bottom line.

Connecting Point has been intimately involved in the IT Managed Services space for over 15 years and throughout that time frame, we’ve built our network security strategy around industry best tools and services to bring an enterprise level approach to the SMB space.  We’ve also come to believe that an IT security strategy must align with a layered approach; meaning you must have security around the network, your users, your devices, your data and your processes as an organization.

Another lesson we’ve learned over time is that you can put great tools and processes in place and STILL fall victim to cyber-security attacks.  So, having the tools and resources at your disposal to recover elegantly should be a part of your business plan.  This is why having a partner who is engaged and aligned with your business is critical.

It’s our job to take the think-work out of IT Security for our clients…we provide the services and strategy to defend your business against the cyber security threats of today and prepare for the those in the future.

When evaluating your current IT security strategy, some services that are important to evaluate are:

  • Firewalling & Security Services
  • Anti-Virus Software
  • Email Filtering Services (Backup of Email, Encryption Services, Archiving Services)
  • Data Backup & Recovery Services
  • Hard Disk Encryption Software
  • Password Management Software
  • Multi-Factor Authentication Software
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Employee Security Training & Compliance

At Connecting Point, our comprehensive network management and dedicated, experienced IT security team will make outsourcing IT managed services you’ve ever made. Contact Connecting Point’s IT network security professionals today!