Connecting PointGood technology and software do not come cheap, especially when you own a small business. Recently, we have been discussing desktop as a service, as well as hardware as a service and they can help small business owners get the technology they need for a more reasonable cost. Software as a service is another similar service that allows businesses to get the software applications they need for a reasonable cost.

We know that technology is always changing and evolving, this includes software programs. How often do you have software updates on your smartphone or tablet? New updates are typically released at least a couple of times a year. While major computer software applications do not update that often, newer versions are still constantly being released. So, how do you keep your business software and applications up to date without spending a fortune on the new programs? Just like hardware as a service, software as a service (SaaS) allows for a small business to rent software applications instead of purchasing them. this allows business to easily increase or decrease their user licensing, as well as quickly upgrade to the newest version of the software.

If you are tired of spending large amounts of money on software that is constantly changing and improving, software as a service might be the right solution for your business. At Connecting Point, in addition to the cloud services we provide to small businesses in Loveland, we also provide SaaS options. Contact us today to learn more and to find out if SaaS is right for your business.