As many of you might have seen recently, Dell & EMC have reached an agreement to merge their companies. This new $65 billion dollar business merger is the largest tech merger in history, and there are many blogs and articles from both the tech and financial world speculating about what this might mean for the two businesses. For most of our clients, we make heavy use of both the Dell SonicWall and VMware ESXi products, as well as less widespread use of other Dell and VMware products. The natural question is, how will this merger affect my business and my computer network?

We’ve been in touch with both of our Dell and VMware reps after the merger announcement, and they all agree that things are business as usual. The management teams from both Dell and VMware have also released separate statements that VMware will continue to stand as its own entity, with its own leadership, just as it has under the EMC Federation.

A Complicated Business Merger

As complicated as this merger is, most people are expecting that the finalization of the merger will take over a year to complete, and we likely won’t see many changes until then. Once the merger is complete, we might see the complete spin-off of VMware to a separate company (as some investors have been championing), or they may continue to operate as the semi-separate companies they are today. Most experts agree that Dell won’t want to mess too much with what VMware has going right.

In other areas of the two companies, we can expect that there will be some merging or retiring of products where functionality overlaps. Dell has a pretty good track record of giving us announcements of any possible end of life products well ahead of time. They’ve also been very good about continuing to provide support for any end of life products for a reasonable amount of time. You can expect that if any of these retired or merged products might affect your business, our Business Consultants will be working with you to plan out the proper replacement well before there are any problems.

In the end, this merger may be the first of many such changes that happen with the traditional IT vendors. The rapid expansion of the Cloud and the change in how businesses approach IT has put the squeeze on these big companies. From the split up of HP to the acquisition of the IBM server line by Lenovo, these companies are trying new and innovative ways to keep the bottom line growing. You can be sure that as these changes continue, Connecting Point will be here to help you ensure your network stays safe, secure and able to continue providing the business value you need.