As a C-level executive in your company, you’re expected to do your best to help your company operate smoothly and profitably. Your IT Managed Services can help you achieve business growth and increase profit. But what if you don’t yet have IT Managed Services? How do you begin to know if you need these? Here are the top 5 signs you need IT Managed Services.

Top 5 Signs You Need IT Managed Services

  1. Your technology should help you achieve your business initiatives in a proactive manner.

Technology is a necessary business expense. Purchasing new devices, for example, is necessary. However, if your IT company is proactive and helps you plan for future purchases, that’s the best outcome because it’s a managed outcome. You don’t want to get caught reacting and putting out fires. The proactive approach is always the best approach.

As your business grows, and as your needs change, your technology should be in alignment with your growth and business initiatives.

Your IT provider should be able to make suggestions and enhance what you’re trying to achieve.

Has your IT provider asked you what your business’s goals are? If the answer is no, then how can they help you achieve your goals?

Here at Connecting Point, we provide business consulting. We take your business initiatives and make the technology fit into what you’re trying to accomplish. Business consulting is a major part of our IT Managed Services.

  1. Another sign that you need IT Managed Services: Big Data is not managed. Your Big Data should be secure, first and foremost. Also, you and your staff should be able to easily manage and easily (yet securely) access your data.

Data is exploding. As Big Data continues to explode, you should be able to easily access, store, manipulate and manage that data. Your IT provider should be able to design storage systems and strategies to help you streamline and maximize how your data is utilized and stored.

Overall, your network environment should get better over time. That means you‘ll have:

  • Less down time – improve staff productivity
  • Less tickets per end point – in other words, less staff interruption
  • Less reactive hours per end point – get your team back to work more quickly
  1. Is your provider meeting with you on a regular basis to help you understand what’s really going on inside of your technology? Do you have access to your IT provider’s service portal so you can see how any trouble ticket is moving along? Or to see recurring service issues? An effective service portal helps you track all of this and more. The Connecting Point Service Portal provides a wealth of information and easy access for submitting trouble tickets or simply just finding out the status of a particular ticket.
  • Perhaps the perception is that your provider is very good because, when you call them, they fix stuff right away. But if the environment is not getting better, then you won’t meet or exceed your business initiatives.
  • Here at Connecting Point, we have developed a whole stable of checklists that our network administrators diligently review your company’s environment with, every single month. These checklists are designed to ALIGN to industry best practices.
  • You DON’T want your company to be an outlier. You want it to be aligned with industry best practices.
  • The ultimate goal is for your network to operate at a very efficient and optimal level.
    How do you know if it’s not at an efficient optimal level? If you’re turning in one trouble ticket per month. That’s 12 per year. But if you turn in 1 per quarter, that’s only 4 times per year. Your productivity goes up.
  • Another example: If it takes 20 minutes to solve a problem vs. 90 minutes, that’s optimal.
  • Ask your current IT provider to give you access to metrics that give you great insight into what’s happening in your environment.
  • Here at Connecting Point, we have a PSA: Professional Service Automation tool. This powerful tool provides a wealth of information about your IT environment. Truly everything is tracked from ticket information to network diagrams and documentation to warranty and licensing tracking and much more.  For example: if John calls in for his password 6 times a month, that’s a training issue. By tracking issues, we can provide you with greater insight to help you more successfully manage your company.
  1. Unexpected Expenditures: Nothing bothers business owners more than unexpected expenditures. We don’t want any of our clients to spend ANY money on technology that’s not planned for.  Does your provider have a jointly developed written road map for your technology? For example: when are projects due? When do you need to replace your computers? When will you add on more staff --- you’re going to need more end points as you grow staff. If you’re thinking of moving to the cloud, your IT company must plan for that. Here at Connecting Point, we work with you on a regular basis, to help you meet your ongoing business initiatives.

The depth of support we provide for our clients is big. We assign a whole team of dedicated, well-trained engineers to your company. We document every environment in detail. When you work with Connecting Point, if you have issues, you work with this expert team – not just one person. We solve about 90% of help desk problems in about 35 minutes. The other 10% gets escalated to a higher-level engineer.  You also get assigned a net admin and you’re assigned a business consultant, too. He or she meets regularly with C-level executives in your company to plan and implement strategy.

  1. Higher Returns on IT Investments - Business owners invest in technology and expect to get a return on investment. One of the top 5 signs you need IT Managed Services is that the productivity of staff is low and/or not meeting goals.
    Ask yourself:
  • Is my staff able to execute on their tasks quickly and without any IT issues?
  • Is there less down time from our technology compared to last year, last quarter?
  • Is my staff able to make strides in how they use our technology?

If you answered “no” to those questions: you need IT Managed Services from an IT company that can help you turn those issues around to a more positive state.

If we can help you with your IT Managed Services, please contact us by filling out our fast contact form.

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