If you are just beginning to understand the benefits of switching your Loveland business over to cloud services, it’s important to understand which services are available to you and how each of the services helps your business. Desktop-as-a-Service, DaaS, is a cloud service where the back-end of a virtual desktop infrastructure is hosted by your cloud service provider. What that means is that this service permits users to access remote desktops from different devices. This service aids in providing an easy solution when setting up computers for a business.

Understanding Desktop-as-a-Service

There are several benefits to Daas, and it all really comes down to your cloud service provider managing the back-end responsibilities. This includes backup, security, upgrades and data storage.


DaaS makes it so that users are not tied to one device or one location. This is especially beneficial for a business in which employees may need to access information off their laptop, desktop, phone, or tablet while working on a separate device. If this is the case for your business, you could save money by making the change to cloud services.


As with a majority of cloud services, your files and information will be saved to a centralized server instead of on individual devices. This makes it easy to reach data from other devices, but it also increases the level of security. Aside from that, it also ensures that the information can be backed up if need be.


Files and data are automatically backed up on your cloud server. This eliminates the need for individual backup devices. This factor provides security in knowing that regardless of what happens to your hard drive, all files will still be accessible to anyone that still has access to the internet.


Keeping up to date on upgrades is important for security and efficiency purposes. While they are necessary, that does not mean they are cheap. When you use cloud services, you are only upgrading once. Upgrades are performed on one server, rather than each individual computing device and program.

If you are a Loveland business that requires top security or travels often, DaaS is a great option for you. This would also be the case for most other cloud services. Make the switch to cloud services today and watch the efficiency and security of your business rise before your eyes. Call Connecting Point and let us get you set up with cloud services today.