Data loss happens, even in the cloud. But can your organization afford to lose emails and work documents? No. Here's why we believe all Office 365 accounts should use a solution like CloudFinder as a back-up.

Office 365 is the go-to productivity suite for businesses. Unfortunately, user error, accidental deletion or malicious employees can pose serious risks to emails and work documents. The cost to organizations that experience data loss varies depending on industries – but in all cases it is significant.

Why You Need a Back-Up for Office 365

Eliminating user error and other causes of data loss is unlikely. However, it is possible to minimize its cost and disruption to the organization. That is why Connecting Point recommends using a solution like Cloudfinder for Office 365. Cloudfinder for Office 365 ensures that the data used in an organization’s instance of Office 365 is backed up, restorable, and protected. Cloudfinder for Office 365 can be used to perform backups on Office 365 emails, files, folders, attachments, and metadata. Organizations that deploy Cloudfinder for Office 365 can rest assured that all of their critical Office 365 data is backed up to an military grade encrypted, tamper-proof SafeHaven storage architecture solution.

Connecting Point Support engineers can instantly search Office 365 data with rich filtering and select the data to restore. In addition, detailed dashboards, reports, and monitoring of all backup activities demonstrate how Cloudfinder is working to protect your Office 365 data. The Connecting Point Business Consultants can help evaluate how Cloudfinder can play a very significant role in protecting your sensitive and critical data.

Here are some of my favorite features of Cloudfinder for Office 365:

  • SafeHaven Storage
    • Eliminates risk of accidental deletion
    • Uses multiple redundant Amazon S3 Storage architecture
    • 9999999% durability and 99.99% availability
  • Restores and data searches are quick due to new filtering options
    • Cross user restore and Office 365 user account migrations and exportations are now options
    • Instant full-text search of Office 365 emails, files, folders, attachments, and metadata
    • We can search across historical snapshots and version history
  • Comprehensive overview of CloudFinder data backups
    • Detailed dashboard and reports
    • Monitoring of all backup activities
    • License management
    • User privileged and restriction settings
  • Military Grade Encryption
    • Server Side Encryption, using 128 bit Secure Sockets Layer in transit and 256 bit Advanced Encryption Standard at rest
    • Stored items can only be accessed by Office 365 applications behind a firewall
    • TRUSTe Privacy and security seals
    • Compliance with EU Privacy Directive